Chapter 26: Monitoring Child Processes

In many application designs, a parent process needs to know when one of its child processes changes state--when the child terminates or is stopped by a signal. This chapter describes two techniques used in monitoring child processes: the wait() system call (and its variants) and the use of the SIGCHLD signal.

26 Monitoring Child Processes
26.1 Waiting on a Child Process
        26.1.1 The wait() System Call
        26.1.2 The waitpid() System Call
        26.1.3 The Wait Status Value
        26.1.4 Process Termination from a Signal Handler
        26.1.5 The waitid() System Call
        26.1.6 The wait3() and wait4() System Calls
26.2 Orphans and Zombies
26.3 The SIGCHLD Signal
        26.3.1 Establishing a Handler for SIGCHLD
        26.3.2 Delivery of SIGCHLD for Stopped Children
        26.3.3 Ignoring Dead Child Processes
26.4 Summary
26.5 Exercises

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