First reader error report

This week, I got the first reader error report for The Linux Programming Interface, in person no less, from the multitalented Markus Boje. I've updated the errata page.

Updated 2010-12-03: revised errata URL.


ebook in January

No Starch Press have announced that sales of the ebook version of The Linux Programming Interface will start in January 2011. If you buy the paper version of TLPI now from No Starch, they will provide you with a free ebook when it is released.


Early reviews looking good

By now, a few reviews have appeared. They're all very positive. I've posted pointers to the reviews on the web site.

(Updated 2010-12-05: changed URL for "Reviews" page.)


Linux 2.6.36 API changes

As I promised in the preface of TLPI, as new versions of the Linux kernel and glibc are released, I'll note interfaces changes on the web site.

Linux kernel 2.6.36 was released a couple of weeks back, so I've noted the interface changes (a new system call for setting process resource limits, prlimit(), and a new inotify flag, IN_EXCL_UNLINK) on the API changes page. I've also added documentation of these changes to the Linux man-pages, in release 3.31.

(Updated 2010-12-05: changed URL for "API changes" page.)


First errata now up on the web

I've updated the web site for TLPI, adding the first errata. I also updated the source code tarball, since there were fixes to one program (see the errata for page 1176).

Updated 2010-12-03: revised errata URL.


Amazon.com shipping now

Thanks to the many people who let me know that they got a copy shipped from Amazon.com, which now seems to have sorted out the status of its stock.


Amazon.com okay now?

Amazon.com was showing funny status for my book (available in "2 to 6 months"), but the problem appears to be fixed now. Still, I'd be interested to hear early reports from people who have ordered through Amazon.com and receive the book in the next few days (or have already received it via an Amazon.com order). Drop me a note at mtk AT man7.org, or as a reply to this post.


Nice review on slashdot

Federico Lucifredi (maintainer of man(1)) wrote a very nice and thoughtful review on slashdot. (And Google Alerts reveals that slashdot reviews get syndicated to a lot of other sites!) Thanks Federico!


The book is out (really!)

This time, printing of the book went fine. The book should be selling via retail channels any day now. If you are ordering online, then using one of the links here would do me a favor.