Look hard, and you can see TLPI

This is fun... I'm fairly certain that the guess by this redditor about what you can see sitting behind the laptop in this photo (taken by John Snyder, and used in the 21 Feb 2012 Wired article, Lord of the Files: How GitHub Tamed Free Software (And More)) is correct. Probably, it's the copy I gave Linus last year. It's nice to know he held on to it, though I'm not so sure there's so much in the book that he doesn't already know.

Updated 2015-07-06: fix a broken URL, and add the title of Wired article. 
Updates 2016-07-25: fix a broken URL (again... Wired.com doesn't seem to embrace the notion of stable URLs).


Traditional Chinese translation of TLPI

The Taiwanese publisher GOTOP has contracted the rights to do a Traditional Chinese publication of TLPI.

There are now four translations of TLPI in progress. It looks like the first of the translations that will appear will be the Korean translation, sometime around the middle of this year.


Web site updates

I've rolled out a few updates to the man7.org web site, including a redesigned main page for TLPI, and the addition of several errata to the errata page. Special thanks for a long list of error reports to Junjiro Okajima, who's working on the Japanese translation of TLPI.