Nice discount on No Starch books

No Starch Press is doing a brief pre-Christmas sale -- 40% off all paper books, and the ebook is included for free. That's cheaper than the normal discount offered for TLPI, and it applies to all No Starch books. But I only found out about this sale a little late: according to http://nostarch.com/newsletters/2011_holiday.htm, the sale finishes at midnight on 3 Dec. I presume that means midnight in California (UTC-8), about 24 hours from now. So, you might want to take a quick look at the full catalog at No Starch.

PS The publisher's costs for international shipping from the US is pretty hefty, but with the free ebooks, and if you're ordering more than one book, the prices might still beat the online bookstores even if you're shipping outside the US.