Linux/UNIX System Programming course, Munich, October 2013

I will be running another iteration of my Linux/UNIX System Programming course in Munich, Germany, during the week of 21-25 October 2013. The course is intended for programmers developing system-level, embedded, or network applications for Linux and UNIX systems, or programmers porting such applications from other operating systems (e.g., Windows) to Linux or UNIX. Among the topics covered in the course are low-level file I/O, signals, timers, creating processes and executing programs, programming with POSIX threads, interprocess communication (pipes, FIFOs, message queues, semaphores, shared memory), and network programming using sockets. You can expect to work fairly hard (and also learn a lot) during the week

For detailed information about the content of the course, prerequisites, and other details, see http://man7.org/training/.

In addition to course materials, all participants will receive a copy of my book, The Linux Programming Interface.

The course will be priced (lower than usual) at 2000 euro plus VAT, and the class size will be kept quite small (I've yet to determine if the maximum will be 6 or 8). If you are interested in the course, please email me at training@man7.org and I'll send you information for course registration. Questions regarding the course can be sent to the same address.