Updated API Changes page

With the release of Linux 2.6.39, and the opening of the merge window for Linux 2.8.0 (or 2.6.40, or 3.0, or whatever) 3.0, I've updated the API changes page to include recent and upcoming userspace API changes in the Linux kernel. (This page covers changes since Linux 2.6.36, which was the next kernel released after the book went to press.)

Updated 2011-05-30: fixed kernel version number


No Starch Press discount offer further extended

Because TLPI was temporarily out of stock while the second print run was being completed, No Starch Press has further extended their earlier discount offer, allowing you to order the paper version of TLPI from them at a 30% discount (i.e., a total price of US$70 plus shipping), and receive the ebook free (look here for details on the ebook release). The offer is now extended to 30 June 2011.

To obtain the discount (and ebook), you must buy TLPI direct from the publisher's web site, and quote the coupon code Mamaku (what's that?). (No Starch Press is located in San Francisco, so international shipping rates will apply for readers outside North America.)

No Starch Press has the second print run in stock, so they can ship immediately.


Second print run now available

The second print run of The Linux Programming Interface is now available. Sellers such as Amazon are now restocked.