Revised errata list

Many thanks to Justin Pryzby, who has recently read a lot of TLPI, and sent me an email that grew the errata list by 60%. The current set of errata can be found here.


TLPI on facebook

TLPI now has a facebook page.

Simplified Chinese translation of TLPI

Chinese publisher Posts and Telecom Press (PTP) has signed a contract with No Starch Press to do a Simplified Chinese translation of TLPI. According to PTP, the translation should be available in the first half of 2012.

Updated on 2012-02-18 to emphasize that this translation is Simplified (as opposed to Traditional) Chinese. See also the TLPI translations page for information about changes to the schedule for publication of this translation.


Next print run (and request for bug reports)

Sales of the first print run of TLPI have been going well enough that we'll soon start preparing for the next print run. In that print run, we'll incorporate the errata that have accumulated so far.

If you've been reading TLPI and noticed any small errors or typos, now (or any time up to about mid-January 2011) would be a good time to report them, so that the fixes can be included in the next print.


More errata, more reviews, and a request

By now, a few more readers have written in with (mostly minor) reports, and I've updated the errata page.

And also by now, a few more reviews have been posted in various places. They're all rather positive. For pointers to some of my favorites, see the reviews page.

And, a request: if you enjoy my book, please consider reviewing it in an online magazine, online bookseller's web site (Amazon or elsewhere), blog, or web site. Reviews really do make a difference in getting the word out and helping a book succeed.


Special offer from No Starch Press

Between now and 28 Feb 2011, you can order the paper version of TLPI from No Starch Press at a 30% discount (i.e., a total price of US$70 plus shipping), and receive the ebook free when it becomes available (look here for details on the ebook release). To obtain the discount (and ebook), you must buy TLPI direct from the publisher's web site, and quote the coupon code Mamaku (what's that?). (No Starch Press is located in San Francisco, so international shipping rates will apply for readers outside North America.)

(Updated 2010-12-05, to clarify that shipping is additional to the price.)