Amazon.com okay now?

Amazon.com was showing funny status for my book (available in "2 to 6 months"), but the problem appears to be fixed now. Still, I'd be interested to hear early reports from people who have ordered through Amazon.com and receive the book in the next few days (or have already received it via an Amazon.com order). Drop me a note at mtk AT man7.org, or as a reply to this post.


  1. Just got a notice that my advance order with them had shipped and should arrive tomorrow.

  2. Amazon.co.uk shows:

    'Usually dispatched within 5 to 7 weeks'

    And my pre-order from Sept 20th should be with me by Dec 17th.

  3. I just got my copy today from Amazon! It shipped yesterday and UPS just dropped it off. So excited! :)

  4. They sent yesterday messages annoncing yet another delay (shipping was pushed back to December - I placed the order Jan, 2 2010!) while the book was marked "In stock" on the amazon.com site.
    After I bitterly complained, the date was magically advanced to Nov 15, and I got today a reply (dated Nov 11) and saying it would ship Nov 10 (sic). Except I didn't get any shipping message yet, so this looks to me like yet another... I just hope they're still on track for Nov 15 as currently rescheduled.
    I had a second copy ordered Oct 14th - that one was still scheduled for later in December. I cancelled it and ordered from a UK-based Amazon.fr reseller, who claims they have it in stock...
    The saga continues!... :)

  5. Just received my copy from Amazon in the US, shipped yesterday.

  6. Shipped yesterday, 22:12! :) Finally!
    Not quite the announced Nov 10, but close enough, and definitly better than Dec 8 or even Nov 15.
    This mess with the shipping dates is quite strange, though. I was a very early Amazon.com user, and I've never seen anything like this before.

  7. I ordered a copy on amazon.co.uk and just got an email that the estimated arrival date is now December 21 2010 - January 06 2011 :( Relevant bits from the Amazon email are below.

    All the best,


    Please be advised that we have a revised delivery date for the items you ordered on November 05 2010 (Order #...).

    Michael Kerrisk "The Linux Programming Interface: A Linux and UNIX System Programming Handbook"
    Estimated arrival date: December 21 2010 - January 06 2011

  8. Ordered it on Nov 10 and just got it a few minutes ago (Nov 12). I'm in th US and used the original amazon.com

    Initial impression of the book -- it is large and weighs a lot. I'll probably get a better impression after I've read some of it.

  9. My copy arrived from Amazon on Nov 12 - BUT PAGES 983-1046 ARE MISSING (not ripped - book arrived without any damage whatsoever - they were never inserted). Anyone else have this problem?
    Other than that it seems to be a great book.

  10. Hi, and thanks for your note. We're investigating a couple of reports of missing signatures with our printer. This sort of thing does happen from time to time, especially with large books.

    We'll be happy to replace your defective copy. Please call our office at your convenience (1 800.420.7240 or +1 415.863.9900) to arrange for a replacement.

    Thanks again.

    Bill Pollock, Founder
    No Starch Pess