ebook in January

No Starch Press have announced that sales of the ebook version of The Linux Programming Interface will start in January 2011. If you buy the paper version of TLPI now from No Starch, they will provide you with a free ebook when it is released.


  1. It's too pricey for a book. Amazon price is more reasonable...

  2. I bought your book from Amazon and it's very good, but there is only issue that is it's too heavy to bring with...

  3. A friend purchased the print version and it looks excellent!

    However, what I'm interested in is the ability to purchase the ebook on its own. I'm not interested in the largish book (I'm already pressed for shelf space) and I also need the portability of being able to take it with me on my iPad (for contract work).

    I understand I can obtain the ebook version in January if I purchase the print version of No Starch now. But that still leaves me having to deal with an unwanted print version and having to spend significantly more than the print version alone through an alternate channel - when most ebooks can be purchased without the print volume at parity or even less (e.g., informit dot com).

    Are there plans to make the ebook version available independently of the print version?

  4. @tg: when the ebook is released, it will also be available for independent purchase.

  5. Great! I'm very glad to hear that!

    Thanks again for putting together such a comprehensive and practical treatment of Linux. I look forward to being able to purchase the ebook.