End matter

After the 64 chapters, we have a few pieces chasing up at the end:
  • Appendix A: Tracing System Calls
    An introduction to tracing system call execution using strace(1).

  • Appendix B: Parsing Command-line Options
    This appendix describes the use of the getopt() library function to parse command-line arguments. Many of the example programs in the book use getopt().

  • Appendix C: Casting the NULL Pointer
    Why is it necessary to use a (char *) cast for the NULL pointer given as an argument to variadic functions such as execl()?

  • Appendix D: Kernel Configuration
    A short guide to configuring the Linux kernel.

  • Appendix E: Further Sources of Information
    A survey of various places to look for information on topics related to the book.

  • Appendix F: Solutions to Selected Exercises

  • Bibliography

  • Index
    It looks like the index will come in at over 50 pages!

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