Chapter 57: Sockets: UNIX Domain

This chapter looks at the use of UNIX domain sockets for communicating between processes on the same host system. We discuss the use of both stream and datagram sockets in the UNIX domain. We also describe the use of file permissions to control access to UNIX domain sockets, the use of socketpair() to create a pair of connected UNIX domain sockets, and the Linux abstract socket namespace.

57 Sockets: UNIX Domain
57.1 UNIX Domain Socket Addresses: struct sockaddr_un
57.2 Stream Sockets in the UNIX Domain
57.3 Datagram Sockets in the UNIX Domain
57.4 UNIX Domain Socket Permissions
57.5 Creating a Connected Socket Pair: socketpair()
57.6 The Linux Abstract Socket Namespace
57.7 Summary
57.8 Exercises

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