Chapter 62: Terminals

This chapter focuses on the aspects of terminal programming that are particularly relevant to software terminal emulators (i.e., xterm and similar). It gives only brief coverage to serial lines; references for further information about serial programming at the end of this chapter.

62 Terminals
62.1 Overview
62.2 Retrieving and Modifying Terminal Attributes
62.3 The stty Command
62.4 Terminal Special Characters
62.5 Terminal Flags
62.6 Terminal I/O Modes
        62.6.1 Canonical Mode
        62.6.2 Noncanonical Mode
        62.6.3 Cooked, Cbreak, and Raw Modes
62.7 Terminal Line Speed (Bit Rate)
62.8 Terminal Line Control
62.9 Terminal Window Size
62.10 Terminal Identification
62.11 Summary
62.12 Exercises

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