Chapter 52: POSIX Message Queues

This chapter describes POSIX message queues, which allow processes to exchange data in the form of messages. POSIX message queues are in several respects similar to System V message queues (Chapter 46), but there are also some notable differences, which we describe in this chapter.

52 POSIX Message Queues
52.1 Overview
52.2 Opening, Closing, and Unlinking a Message Queue
52.3 Relationship between Descriptors and Message Queues
52.4 Message Queue Attributes
52.5 Exchanging Messages
        52.5.1 Sending Messages: mq_send()
        52.5.2 Receiving Messages: mq_receive()
        52.5.3 Sending and Receiving Messages with a Timeout
52.6 Message Notification
        52.6.1 Receiving Notification Using a Signal (SIGEV_SIGNAL)
        52.6.2 Receiving Notification Using a Thread (SIGEV_THREAD)
52.7 Linux-specific Features
52.8 Message Queue Limits
52.9 Comparison of POSIX and System V Message Queues
52.10 Summary
52.11 Exercises

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