Chapter 50: Virtual Memory Operations

This chapter looks at various system calls that perform operations on a process’s virtual address space:
  • The mprotect() system call changes the protection on a region of virtual memory.
  • The mlock() and mlockall() system calls lock a region of virtual memory into physical memory, thus preventing it from being swapped out.
  • The mincore() system call allows a process to determine whether the pages in a region of virtual memory are resident in physical memory.
  • The madvise() system call allows a process to advise the kernel about its future patterns of usage of a virtual memory region.
50 Virtual Memory Operations
50.1 Changing Memory Protection: mprotect()
50.2 Memory Locking: mlock() and mlockall()
50.3 Determining Memory Residence: mincore()
50.4 Advising Future Memory Usage Patterns: madvise()
50.5 Summary
50.6 Exercises

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