Chapter 33: Threads: Further Details

This chapter provides further details on various aspects of POSIX threads. We discuss the interaction of threads with aspects of the traditional Unix API; in particular, signals and the process control primitives (fork(), exec(), and _exit()). We also provide an overview of the two POSIX threads implementations available on Linux--LinuxThreads and NPTL--and discuss where each of these implementations deviates from the SUSv3 specification of Pthreads.

33 Threads: Further Details
33.1 Thread Stacks
33.2 Threads and Signals
        33.2.1 How the Unix Signal Model Maps to Threads
        33.2.2 Manipulating the Thread Signal Mask
        33.2.3 Sending a Signal to a Thread
        33.2.4 Dealing with Asynchronous Signals Sanely
33.3 Threads and Process Control
33.4 Thread Implementation Models
33.5 Linux Implementations of POSIX Threads
        33.5.1 LinuxThreads
        33.5.2 NPTL
        33.5.3 Which Threading Implementation?
33.6 Advanced Features of the Pthreads API
33.7 Summary
33.8 Exercises

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