Chapter 30: Threads: Thread Synchronization

In this chapter, we describe two tools that threads can use to synchronize their actions: mutexes and condition variables. Mutexes allow threads to synchronize their use of a shared resource, so that, for example, one thread doesn't try to access a shared variable at the same time as another thread is modifying it. Condition variables perform a complementary task: They allow threads to inform each other that a shared variable (or other shared resource) has changed state.

30 Threads: Thread Synchronization
30.1 Protecting Accesses to Shared Variables: Mutexes
        30.1.1 Statically Allocated Mutexes
        30.1.2 Locking and Unlocking a Mutex
        30.1.3 Performance of Mutexes
        30.1.4 Mutex Deadlocks
        30.1.5 Dynamically Initializing a Mutex
        30.1.6 Mutex Attributes
        30.1.7 Mutex Types
30.2 Signaling Changes of State: Condition Variables
        30.2.1 Statically Allocated Condition Variables
        30.2.2 Signaling and Waiting on Condition Variables
        30.2.3 Testing a Condition Variable’s Predicate
        30.2.4 Example Program: Joining Any Terminated Thread
        30.2.5 Dynamically Allocated Condition Variables
30.3 Summary
30.4 Exercises

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