Chapter 2: Fundamental Concepts

This chapter introduces a range of concepts related to Linux system programming. It is intended for readers who have worked with other operating systems, or who have only limited experience with Linux or another Unix implementation.

2 Fundamental Concepts
2.1 The Core Operating System: The Kernel
2.2 The Shell
2.3 Users and Groups
2.4 Single Directory Hierarchy, Directories, Links, and Files
2.5 File I/O Model
2.6 Programs
2.7 Processes
2.8 Memory Mappings
2.9 Static and Shared Libraries
2.10 Interprocess Communication and Synchronization
2.11 Signals
2.12 Threads
2.13 Process Groups and Shell Job Control
2.14 Sessions, Controlling Terminals, and Controlling Processes
2.15 Pseudoterminals
2.16 Date and Time
2.17 Client-server Architecture
2.18 Realtime
2.19 The /proc File System
2.20 Summary

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