Chapter 1: History and Standards

Chapter 1 is in two main parts. The first part presents short histories of Unix, the C programming language, the GNU project, and the Linux kernel. The second part looks at the various standards that have evolved as C and Unix grew more popular.

Here's the chapter ToC:

1 History and Standards
1.1 A Brief History of Unix and C
1.2 A Brief History of Linux
        1.2.1 The GNU Project
        1.2.2 The Linux Kernel
1.3 Standardization
        1.3.1 The C Programming Language
        1.3.2 The First POSIX Standards
        1.3.3 X/Open Company and The Open Group
        1.3.4 SUSv3 and POSIX.1-2001
        1.3.5 SUSv4 and POSIX.1-2008
        1.3.6 Unix Standards Timeline
        1.3.7 Implementation Standards
        1.3.8 Linux, Standards, and the Linux Standard Base
1.4 Summary

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