Japanese translation of TLPI will be published in December

The Japanese translation of TLPI (published by O'Reilly Japan) will come out next month. Japanese readers can read (the Japanese translation of) a short preface that I wrote for the translation.

Although I will never be able to read it, I have a couple of reasons to believe that the translation will be excellent. First, the translation was done by a kernel developer, Junjiro Okajima (developer of the aufs file system). Second, along the way Junjiro has been extremely attentive in reading TLPI and checking details. As a consequence, he contributed a large number of errata reports (making up more than 20% of all current errata reports for TLPI), ranging from typos to corrections and improvements to rather deep technical details presented in the English text.


  1. I hope Chinese translation will be published in China

  2. There is a simplified Chinese translation in progress, but it's been a while since I got information on its status. As much as I do know is here: http://man7.org/tlpi/translations/

  3. TLPI is the best book I have ever read, thank you, Michael. And I hope the simplified Chinese version of TLPI will come soon, too. Thus, more programmers in China can taste this miracle book

    1. Hello Wenxiang,

      Thank you.

      Unfortunately, I do not have upto-date information on the publication for the Simplified Chinese translation. I think it may still be a while in coming.