Still on track for publication

At the moment, we are still on track for the reprint to leave the printer on 19 October.

In the meantime, No Starch has sent out a few of the better copies from the earlier problem print run to reviewers, so some reviews will start appearing before too long. The first that I've seen is a blog post by Mike Riley at Dr Dobbs, who provides a short summary (rather than a deep review) of the book.


  1. Preordered months ago... Can't wait for your book! :)

    I hope it is NOTHING like Petzold xD

  2. I'm curious if there will be an ebook version as well? I would love to have both the print version and a PDF version I can use while I'm on the road.

    The No Starch Press site doesn't show ebook as an available option (currently).

  3. I think the eBook-only option will be available after the book has been released.

    I'm waiting for the eBook version as well. :-)

  4. Regarding ebooks, see http://blog.man7.org/2010/11/ebook-in-january.html